Learn dog, cat, puppy and animal cpr, choking and first aid skills for you pet. What will you learn in class? Emergency skills such as what to do if your pet has a seizure, suffers an electric shock, is injured in a car accident or ingests poison. You will also be trained to administer CPR if your pet stops breathing (yes, you can give a dog or cat mouth to nose and yes, we practiced on dog and cat dummies). You will also learn Dog, cat and puppy cpr and choking, Cuts and bleeding - Simple Medication Administration - Fractures and Sprains - Animal Bites or Insect Stings - Cuts, Burns or Severe Cold injuries and more.
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What if our pet, our dog, needed immediate assistance such as cpr or first aid? Think about the ailments your pet, your dog, could suddenly suffer from:

Cuts and bleeding -Poisoning - Drowning - Rescue Breathing and CPR - Simple Medication Administration - Choking - Fractures and Sprains - Animal Bites or Insect Stings - Burns or Severe Cold injuries

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How do you do PET cpr to save your dog or cat? Click here to learn the steps of pet first aid and cpr.. Listed above is just a small list of the types of minor, but life threatening situations an animal owner should be ready for and prepared to deal with. Consider putting together an emergency preparedness kit with: Muzzle: dealing with a first aid situation. Scissors: Used to remove a foreign object that has come tangled in fur. Tweezers: First piece in case of an emergency involving splinters, ticks, and additional objects in paws. Gloves: You have to be prepared to remove lodged food, dealing with blood, etc. Your safety is equally as important. Towels: From stopping massive bleeding, to cleaning a wound, to providing critical compression in a compound fracture. Medical Tape and Gauze: A number of uses but not limited to deal with bleeding or a broken bone!

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In our 3.5 hour Pet cpr and first aid certification program, you will learn how to:

  • Measure and monitor your pet's vital signs
  • Recognize signs of cardiovascular trouble
  • CPR on cats and dogs
  • Rescue breathing for pets with respiratory distress
  • Stop bleeding and prevent infection with temporary wound care
  • Recognize signs of allergic reaction, poison ingestion and more, plus emergency care to help keep your pet stable
Aid to your dog or pet at some point in their life will be critical. Your ability to be ready is 70% of the battle. Your ability to act will save a critical family member. There will be a time that getting to the Vets will NOT be an option. Have a plan, for you and your family to act when your dog, puppy, or animal will need you the most!

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Saving Your Pet With CPR and First Aid

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